With the Cellograph, which stretches voluminously and engagingly into the hangar at the former Tempelhof Airport, we offer a participatory space for ideas that help us to approach the area of the hangar. In the course of a two dayworkshop, participants would discuss, draw and write on the transparent skin. Thus, the window becomes a canvas for temporary projections of the surrounding space.

Hangar X is an open call for urban practice by Torhaus e.V., that is collecting real and utopian space requirements for a 5.000 sqm, yet unused, hangar at the former Tempelhof Airport in the center of Berlin. Hangar X will be a place where actively and collectively discriminating and exploitative structures are recognized and replaced by methods of commoning and selforganization. 

Inflatable & Workshop in context of ´Living the city´ exhibition October 2020
images by Allegra Kortlang & Maxie Schneider

(c) Allegra Kortlang