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Architectures of Weaving - From Fibers and Yarns to Scaffolds and Skins

Jovis Verlag, 2022
ISBN 978-3-86859-739-4

Christiane Sauer, Mareike Stoll, Ebba Fransén Waldhör, Maxie Schneider (Hg.)
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Improving climate resilience: Reduced-order mechanical modelling of a temperature-adaptable sun protection facade system

Journal for Composites and Advanced Materials, Sagepub 2022

Ou, Y., Schneider, M., Hückler, A., Köllner, A., Völlmecke, C.
Article upcoming.

Designing performative surfaces - a textile approach to active architectural facades

In Future Ecologies series, edited by Petra Löffler, Claudia Mareis, and Florian Sprenger, Meson press
conference proceedings of  dgtf conference.

Ebba Fransén Waldhör, Maxie Schneider

ADAPTEX: Physical and Digital Prototyping of Smart Textile Sun Shading

Chapter in Towards Radical Regeneration. DMS 2022. Springer 

Denz, PR., Suwannapruk, N., Vongsingha, P., Waldhör, E.F., Schneider, M., Sauer, C.

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-031-13249-0_20
Development and testing of real size smart material sun-shading: R&D ADAPTEX

ICSA Conference Proceedings 2022

Denz, P.-R., N. Suwannapruk, P. Vongsingha, E. Fransen Waldhör, M. Schneider and C. Sauer.

DOI: 10.1201/9781003023555-51 21
Denz, P.-R., P. Vongsingha, M. Schneider, E. Fransen Waldhör, and C. Sauer.2021,” Integration of SMA-driven Smart Textile Sun Shading into real-size façadeunits.” In Engineered Transparency 2021. Berlin: Ernst & Sohn.Integration of SMA-driven Smart Textile Sun Shading into real-size façade units

Engineered Transparency 2021. Berlin: Ernst & Sohn.

Denz, P.-R., P. Vongsingha, M. Schneider, E. Fransen Waldhör, and C. Sauer.
Scaling Nature (3): Growth

Booklet MoA Design Studio 2020, Department of Textile and Surface Design, weißensee school of art and design

Dierichs, K., Sauer, C., Fransén Waldhör, E., Schneider, M.
Smart Textile Sun-Shading – Development of Functional ADAPTEX Prototypes

Journal of Facade Design and Engineering / PowerSkin Conference Proceedings, 2021

Denz, P.-R., Sauer, C., Waldhör, E. F., Schneider, M., Vongsingha, P.
Adaptive textile façades through the integration of Shape Memory Alloy

ACADIA Conference Proceedings 2020

Schneider, M., Fransén Waldhör E., Denz, P., Sauer, C., Vongsingha, P-R.
Smart Textile Sun-Shading - Current results from R&D project ADAPTEX

Advanced Building Skins Conference 2020

Denz, P-R. Sauer, C., Fransén Waldhör, E., Schneider, M., Vongsignha P.
Experimental Design and Building of a Cable Reinforced Plastic Brick Arch

ICSA Conference Proceedings 2017

Maxie Schneider, Sebastien Tripod, Lieven Tone Houdmont, Jan Belis

PNEU&SHELL: Constructing Free-Form Concrete Shells with a Pneumatic Formwork

Proceedings of Design Modelling Symposium 2017, 

In book: Humanizing Digital Reality, Springer 2018


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Protocol magazine 6th issue, 2014

Schneider, M., Vogler, E., Skafte, L.


Protocol magazine 6th Issue, 2014

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